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From the Wolfie Archives!!
What's Up with Wolfie?
Hello Friends!
I'm very excited about the letters I've been getting from many of you who attended the first Wolfie Booksigning Party, February 22nd. Adults filled the house for the morning party, and kids of all ages came to celebrate in the afternoon! Everyone loved the door prizes, the posters, and the
t-shirts. Especially scrumptious were the dog bone shaped peanut butter cookies! I caught a few dipping into the cream cheese dip, meant for fruit- but hey, it was a party, and I heard that peanut butter is almost as good for you as fruit!
  This party was in my master-friend's (Susan Duke) hometown of Texarkana, Texas  where her mother, nieces, sisters, and other family members live. Miss Judy hosted the party in her Victorian home.
We all had a howling good time! I caught a few people crying as excerpts of my story were read; but mostly we smiled alot! I think some hearts were smiling on the inside too because there was lots of hugging going on!
  Every one left with doggie bags filled with dog bone candy, armloads of books, t-shirts, posters, and full tummies!
   I've heard that "every dog has his day!" Well mine was last Saturday- but my master-friend tells me there are a few more planned. I can hardly wait! As soon as they're developed, we'll be posting some pictures of our delightful day!
  Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming events and booksignings! We may even come to your area one of these days. The next Wolfie party is planned for my hometown of Greenville,Texas.
Be sure and sign my guestbook and request e-mails for upcoming dates!
  For now, I want to thank everyone who helped launch my book, Wolfie's Dream - make my coming out of the doghouse party a great success!  There's nothing quite like friendship to make a dog feel blessed! Because of you, I believe in my heart's deepest dream!
               Hope, Faith and LOVE,